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Payment Policy

When signing up to our exclusive Subscription Candles, you will be sent a brand new hand poured Soy Candle on the 4th of each month.


In terms of payment, you will be direct debited the subscription amount on the 2nd of each month regardless of when you signed up and will debit the credit card that you initially used when you signed up to the Subscription club. We decided on this approach to ensure all payments where uniform and didn’t confuse the good folk at the bank.


On signup, you will be billed for the initial subscription candle that day. You will also be billed for the next months candle on the 2nd day of the month. For example:

24th of June - You sign up to the Little Secrets Candle Co. subscription club. We will debit the amount that day and send you the candle for that month.


2nd of July - We will send you July’s candle and debit your account


2nd of August - We will send you August’s candle and debit your account. 


Monthly payment bounces - We will direct debit your account on the 2nd of every month from the same credit card you used when you signed up. Should the transaction bounce, we will automatically retry on the 4th of that month. Should the transaction bounce again, we will contact you to touch base for a friendly chat and see if we can work something out.

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