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About Us

It was just one of those days - Just picked up the kids from school, I was already running late because of work, I was caught out by the rain and was totally saturated by the time I got to school. The kids were tired and hungry, they cried and fought with each other in the back of the car all the way home. I'd had enough aahhhh.

I walked through the door of the house and I was greeted by the most beautiful and calming fragrance. It was really uplifting and it made the troubles of the day disappear. 

Ever since that wonderful day, I have been in love with candles. I had never been a candle fan, but it reminded me that regardless of the issues and troubles of your day, there is always something to balance it all out.

I decided long ago to try and help people appreciate candles and the many benefits they bring. So, for a long time now, I have been making candles. I have tested many different combinations of aromas, many different waxes and wicks and I think im finally willing to share my love of candles to the whole world.


Here are my top 5 favourite Candle moments


1.     Baking. Yup, I love the smell of a candle in the background when im baking cakes and treats for the kids. I don't know what  it is, but imagine Lime and Coconut burning away on the dinner table whilst chocolate cake is warming up in the oven. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm AMAZING!


2.     Soaking in the Bath!!! how incredible is it sitting in a hot bath on a winters night with the lights off and the slow burn of a Tropical Berries candle filling the room?  One of my favourites!


3.     Sunday lunch BBQ. Ok, I know what your thinking - sausages, steak, chicken sizzling away how can you smell anything over that. But I light up a Smells of Summer scented candle in the kitchen. Its wonderful walking inside to grab things for the dinner table and be greeted by the smells of Mango. Its a beautiful soft welcome to the kitchen.


4.     Ironing! OMG I would rather clean the bathroom 20 times than spend an hour ironing. I light up a candle just to make the experience a whole lot easier.


5.     Reading a book on the lounge. I'm alone, the kids are asleep and im reading that book I've been meaning to read for months. I light up my favourite fragrance of all time - frangipani. It makes life sooooo much lovelier. 


These are my all time favourite candle experiences. I want everyone to share the love of candles that I have.


Life is so much better with Candles!

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